“I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I really enjoyed the recent warden training conducted by FireSafe Services NSW, I found the training to be interesting and informative”

Hawkesbury Council

FireSafe Services NSW – Professional Training For Emergency Outcomes

FireSafe Services NSW is dedicated to providing all clients with a range of training packages available to ensure optimal safety when it comes to emergency planning. Our training packages are delivered by our professional and expert team members which have had years of experience in the Emergency Services industry. 

Our training packages include: 

  • Fire Extinguisher Training 
  • Building Safety Equipment Training 
  • Hazardous Material Training 
  • Health Care Training 
  • Emergency Control Organization Training

Fire Extinguisher Training

Our Fire Extinguisher Training Package is designed to teach and train you with the proper skills when it comes to fire extinguisher use within an emergency situation. FireSafe’s experienced and qualified staff can train and instruct your employees about safety and the correct course of action that should be taken in the event that an emergency situation arises to help minimize business disruption. 

Our professional team members offer onsite training for added convenience and reduced time loss. They can also tailor a package to suit your specific requirements with their practical and expert advice and experience. 

 For any business or client, it is important for correct training when it comes to using a portable fire extinguisher, fire hose reels, and fire blankets. Not only does it help save lives but it also instills confidence with employees because they are taught how to respond to an emergency correctly. Our professional team at FireSafe Services NSW will instruct you in: 

  • Effectively using fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and hose reels. 
  • Realistic scenarios to teach you the correct response to a situation. 
  • The correct assessment and use of firefighting equipment when a small fire outbreak occurs. 

All Fire Extinguisher Training uses business specific real life scenarios with the integration of environmentally considerate and energy efficient simulators. The simulators are designed to help promote a realistic experience and helps to training them in a lifelike emergency when it comes to fire extinguishment.

Here at FireSafe Services NSW we offer a great variety of professional and up-to-date services which can help keep your business knowledgeable in emergency planning, emergency management, and fire evacuation strategies.

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All staff at FireSafe Services NSW hold a minimum qualification of Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. All training staff holds Fire Safety Manager Certification as per NSW Health Policy Directive.