“I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I really enjoyed the recent warden training conducted by FireSafe Services NSW, I found the training to be interesting and informative”

Hawkesbury Council

Hazardous Materials Training

Exposure to hazardous materials in the work place can cause high health risks for all workers. Hazardous materials such as chemicals can come in a variety of forms including vapour, liquid or powder forms. Due to the nature of these hazards, FireSafe Services NSW offers extensive and professional experience in how to deal with hazardous materials. Our highly trained personnel can deliver optimal training when it comes to spillage of hazardous materials. We train you how to safely respond to a spillage of this nature. We also provide instructions on how to understand and read the MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet.
Here at FireSafe Services NSW we offer a great variety of professional and up-to-date services which can help keep your business knowledgeable in emergency planning, emergency management, and fire evacuation strategies.

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All staff at FireSafe Services NSW hold a minimum qualification of Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. All training staff holds Fire Safety Manager Certification as per NSW Health Policy Directive.