“I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I really enjoyed the recent warden training conducted by FireSafe Services NSW, I found the training to be interesting and informative”

Hawkesbury Council

FireSafe Services NSW – Shining Light On Your Evacuation Plan

Evacuation Diagrams are important to have within any building where occupants are working or living. Evacuation diagrams are specifically designed to help direct occupants in a clear and efficient manner to escape routes during any emergency while trying to exit the building. 

With the new Australian Standard (AS) 3745 “planning for emergencies in facilities” requirements, it is detailed that all evacuation diagrams should have the following to be compliant with current standards. 

  • ‘You are here’ location 
  • Fire stairs 
  • Fire indicator panel 
  • Firefighting equipment locations 
  • Emergency exit points 
  • Assembly points 
  • Legends and more 

Optional Evacuation Diagrams Include: 

• Emergency information 
• Site plan 
• First aid stations 
• Warden details 
• Spill kits etc.
Here at FireSafe Services NSW we offer a great variety of professional and up-to-date services which can help keep your business knowledgeable in emergency planning, emergency management, and fire evacuation strategies.

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All staff at FireSafe Services NSW hold a minimum qualification of Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. All training staff holds Fire Safety Manager Certification as per NSW Health Policy Directive.